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Compare and Contrast

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Compound Sentences Using BUT and AND 


Discussion sentences:


1. The rabbit has long ears, but the kitten has short ears.


2. The rabbit's coloring is gray and white, and the kitten's coloring is gray and white.


Where would the attributes above be listed below?



1. As a class, brainstorm differences of rabbit and kitten. You must select ONE and write a compound sentence. Does your compound sentence include the word "but"? Does it have a comma?


2. As a class, brainstorm similarities. Choose one, and write an "and" sentence.


What's wrong with these sentences?


1. Rabbits hop, but kittens meow.


2. Kittens walk on all fours, but rabbits have long ears.


3. Kittens are carnivores, but rabbits have poofy tails.


4. Kittens have long tails, but rabbits live in warrens.


For a Grade


1. Write five sentences that compare the same attribute. The attribute being compared must be the same, so we are noting the DIFFERENCES in attributes. What conjunction should all of your sentences contain? (and or but?)


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