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Newsletter (redirected from August 27)

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Los Reyes Elementary School











Unit of Study: Matter & Energy


1st Nine Week Period  Earth Science,   Force, Motion & Energy
2nd Nine Week Period  Force, Motion & Energy (cont.)Matter & Energy 
3rd Nine Week Period  Organisms & Environments,    Earth, Moon & Sun 
4th Nine Week Period  Earth, Moon & Sun (cont.), Science Blitz, Science & Technology 







1st Nine Week Period  

Exploration, Encounter, Exchange (1565-1750)

Conflict & Compromise (1750-1800) 

2nd Nine Week Period  

Conflict & Compromise (1750-1800) 

Expansion & Change (1800-1850)

3rd Nine Week Period   Expansion & Change (1850-1900) (cont)
4th Nine Week Period  

Controversy, Compromise & Clash (1900-1950)

Globalization 1950s-present



Reading & Language Arts

Reminder: Your child should read for at least 20 min. per evening.




1st Nine Week Period  Fiction & Nonfiction
2nd Nine Week Period   Nonfiction (cont.), Poetry, Drama
3rd Nine Week Period   Drama (cont.), Traditional Literature, Compare & Contrast
4th Nine Week Period   Content Literacy, Author Study






1st Nine Week Period  Place Value, Whole Numbers, Decimals 
2nd Nine Week Period  Fractions, Algebraic Reasoning, Geometry 
3rd Nine Week Period  Geometry (cont), Measurement, Personal Finance 
4th Nine Week Period  Enrichment, 6th Grade Mathematics 








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