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Elizabeth Cady Stanton


Birth:Nov.12, 1815 In New York Johnstown

Died: Oct. 26, 1902

She lived for 83 years






Her and her husband did not like slavery so in 1840 they went to an Anti-Slavery convention but, for them it was the worst they could not spaek up to anything he said.




In 1840 she married a young man who was an abolitionist leader named Henry B. Stanton and they had 5 babies.




During the Civil War, Stanton and her friend  Susan B. Anthony created the National Woman's Loyal League to build support for what became the 13th Amendment to the Constitution. Once the slaves were free, the two worked to ensure that women would be enfranchised along with the freed men. However, their work was seen as a threat to the black franchise.











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