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Page history last edited by June Shanahan 12 years, 2 months ago

All  About  Me 





Cousin of Isiah,Xavier,Zeily,Aiden,landen and Haily

Lover of  dogs,Cats,family,Italian food,Celebrities, songs,my teacher,Holiday's,TWILIGHT,  worms, and books,frogs,Science2,

Who feels happy when get's PRESENT'S,

Scared when teacher gives homework,

Sad when a dog dies,gets lost, or stolen,

who needs help with Social Studies,

Who gives hugs and thanks to family,

Who fears spiders,math work, and bears,

Dreams to invent my own creation of SODA TOWN.

Resadent of SAN Antonio,Texas.


Word searches that you could print


Happy Mothers day 


 Ke$ha - Tick Tock(background credit) 




Comments (19)

June Shanahan said

at 2:05 pm on Dec 2, 2008

What's your favorite Italian food? Ravioli? Spaghetti? Gnocci? Tortellini? Manicotti? You're making me extremely HUNGRY!

Christine Bonilla said

at 11:37 am on Dec 3, 2008

I was so sad when my dog died. It was very hard to lose such a good friend!

Abby Kelly said

at 1:42 pm on Dec 3, 2008

I'm so sorry you lost your wonderful pet. Yes, pets are very good friends. Keep sharing your feelings and it will get much much easier.

Susan Hillje said

at 3:07 pm on Dec 3, 2008

Likes the snow????? Oh that is too cold. Give me the beach!

Alex said

at 10:55 am on Dec 5, 2008


Samantha said

at 7:13 pm on Dec 8, 2008

Awww, that sounds just like you :) Love, Mom & Dad!!

Kathy Gorsche said

at 1:52 pm on Dec 11, 2008

I love to cook Italian food. I love to eat it too! What's your favorite? Mine is either eggplant parmegiana or lasagna.

Emily said

at 8:17 am on Dec 12, 2008

fashion designer!

Alex said

at 11:28 am on Jan 12, 2009

okay you have never heard me play the flute, but you think I am amazing! That's weird ,but very sweet thanks!

glynnis said

at 11:34 am on Jan 14, 2009

i like it!

Christine Bonilla said

at 10:34 am on Mar 14, 2009

I just uploaded a picture to the wiki called bonillaspider. It is a picture of a Tarantula that Nicole and I found right at our front door over this Spring Break. It was pretty scary. My husband wouldn't let us get rid of him though because he said the tarantulas eat harmful bugs. So, Nicole names him Charlie. It was pretty scary for me!!!!! You can add Charlie to your Spider page if you want!

Jacob Romo said

at 6:23 am on May 16, 2009

Hi guys[and girls]. It's me, Jacob! Sorry it took so long to mail!

Samantha said

at 7:21 pm on Oct 14, 2009

Hi, Jacob I just wanted to say Hi and i hope your having fun over there!!!!!!!! Oh and I'm just saying HI!

Sharoenah said

at 11:23 am on Sep 19, 2009

Hey Samantha!

Sharoenah said

at 7:58 pm on Sep 21, 2009

Hey I like your slideshow.

Samantha said

at 4:55 pm on Oct 23, 2009

Thanks, Sharoenah Oh and I send you and email Did you get it.

Erin said

at 7:09 pm on Aug 7, 2010

Whats up Samantha? See you on Orientation!!!

levi said

at 10:38 pm on Jan 9, 2012

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bobby said

at 10:39 pm on Jan 9, 2012

Visit my blog on Mr.parker's wiki

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