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Poem 6

Page history last edited by June Shanahan 14 years, 6 months ago

Family Pictures

by:Alex G.


so much depends upon

a family picture


someone who has


their memory, can




by:Alex G.

 so much depends upon



 someone who is dying

 might just be





by:Alex G.


so much depends upon

a smile


that means a 


friendship might just be



Your Dream

by:Alex G. 


so much depends upon

your dream but 


won't know how 


feels until you




The Underneath


So much depends upon an Underneath

Filled with happiness, and saddness,

a starving dog, filled with love,

and a cat filled with hope,

the Underneath is safe,

safe from the monster with his riffle

the monster is a man who lies and

 kills and skins whatever he finds










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Comments (22)

Jessica said

at 11:31 am on Jan 14, 2009

Sometimes friendships can't grow with a smile.

Kailene said

at 11:35 am on Jan 14, 2009

I love it

Christine Bonilla said

at 11:42 am on Jan 14, 2009

My favorite is still the family picture one, but they are all just amazing!

June Shanahan said

at 3:48 pm on Jan 14, 2009

The poem about the smile is my favorite, because it's so very true.

glynnis said

at 7:06 am on Jan 18, 2009


Samantha said

at 2:31 pm on Jan 20, 2009

I realy love the poem about freindship.

Aaron Gondensen said

at 11:31 am on Jan 21, 2009

Your poem makes me want to take a picture.

Scobee said

at 3:11 pm on Jan 21, 2009

I love the Friends and Family Pictures and the Medicine poems! What great thoughts you have! What great images!
Mrs. Moecker, Scobee Librarian

Alex said

at 1:38 pm on Jan 22, 2009

Mine is amazing!

Alex said

at 1:54 pm on Jan 22, 2009

Wow thanks Mrs. Moeker your a good librarian! :)

Barbara said

at 1:55 pm on Jan 22, 2009

Your poem about Friends is so true!!

glynnis said

at 2:02 pm on Jan 22, 2009

So many good poems to read! Thank you for your time on these!

Chris said

at 2:32 pm on Jan 22, 2009

I like the medicne one.

Jessica said

at 11:20 am on Dec 14, 2009

Wow I love your poem and I love the part about Gar face.

Chris said

at 2:17 pm on Dec 15, 2009

that poem is so good...but true...

Sean said

at 2:19 pm on Dec 15, 2009

I like the part about the dog.

Alex said

at 2:20 pm on Dec 15, 2009

I LOVE my poem :P!

Samantha said

at 2:20 pm on Dec 15, 2009

AWWWWW I love it alex it is so awsome p.ss That's a long poem.

Nicole said

at 2:26 pm on Dec 15, 2009

I love it, it's all about the book! :)

Christina R said

at 2:30 pm on Dec 15, 2009

That is really good!!

Aaron G. said

at 2:33 pm on Dec 15, 2009

I like the The Underneath poem better it's good.

Paul said

at 2:34 pm on Dec 15, 2009

Both of them are smart

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