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Poem 19

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So much depends upon 

a dog and his long howl a smal lost cat

a flooded creek

and a Alligator.

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Comments (9)

Christine Bonilla said

at 11:39 am on Jan 14, 2009

I agree! Every time I would go to a competition and see those judges and those clipboarsd, I would feel like EVERYTHING depended on how I performed!

Jessica said

at 11:43 am on Jan 15, 2009

Big soundwaves.

June Shanahan said

at 7:00 am on Jan 17, 2009

We want you to bring your six string guitar to school someday! I bet you can play really well.

Chris said

at 2:32 pm on Jan 20, 2009

Amps don't have strings!!!!!!!

Aaron G. said

at 2:33 pm on Jan 20, 2009

Your poem makes me feel like going to the judges holding clipboards.

glynnis said

at 2:33 pm on Jan 20, 2009

This poem makes me want to ROCK!

Fabian said

at 2:37 pm on Jan 20, 2009

I know you have ant because you have a guiter

Alex said

at 1:45 pm on Jan 22, 2009

Wow that is an amazing poem I want to rock out loud!
Are you talking about America's Got Talent or
American Idol!?

June Shanahan said

at 2:08 pm on Dec 14, 2009

WOW! This is so beautiful, Trey!

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