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Earth Science



STUDENTS: Pay close attention to the RS Standards --->RS  


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The SS Standards are important, but there will be MANY more RS Standard questions on the STAAR Science Test. So let's study the smart way, instead of the hard way, spend more of your time reviewing the RS Standards, but review them all. 




 Fossils are found within the layers of sedimentary rocks. 

(Painted Desert, Arizona)


5.7A-RS  Explore the processes that led to the formation of sedimentary rocks and fossil fuels  







Fossil Fuel Self Grading Quiz (10 Questions)



Sedimentary Rock Sequence - Know the vocabulary within the sequence.






Igneous changing to Metamorphic


Oil and Coal Formation Animation

The Rock Cycle

Rock Cycle

rock cycle: interactive,


Rock Cycle Self-Grading Quiz (10 Questions)




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